assignment clause


  • Contract Law

Definitions of assignment clause

  • a paragraph or section in a contract prohibiting or permitting a complete transfer of rights under the contract to another party

    The agreement should include an assignment clause.

Phrase Bank for assignment clause

  • Notwithstanding the Assignment clause in the Agreement, Partner may assign the Agreement to an entity that acquires all or substantially of Partner’s assets.

  • Supplier shall be responsible for all Support Services and shall not assign or transfer these duties and or responsibility without the express written consent of Company in accordance with the ASSIGNMENT clause.

  • If and to the extent practicable, CUBIST shall endeavor to use reasonable efforts to obtain a clause in any such license permitting assignment of such license to XTL; provided that in no event shall CUBIST be in breach of this Agreement or in any way otherwise liable for any failure to obtain any such assignment clause.

  • In First Abu Dhabi Bank v BP, the Court of Appeal held that a warranty in a purchase letter that BP was not prohibited from disposing of a receivable was not breached by a no assignment clause in the underlying contract.

  • The majority rule holds that post-loss assignments of insurance rights are permitted without consent of the insurer, despite the existence of an anti-assignment clause.

  • Before finalising the agreement with your landlord, make sure your lease has a Right of Assignment clause.

  • One such provision is the “Assignment Clause” under your life insurance policy.