Definitions of assertion

  • when someone says that something is true, especially when said with confidence or force

    "How could he be so confident about that assertion?"

  • the action of saying something, or of referring to your legal rights in justifying your actions, confidently and forcefully

    "They face many obstacles to the assertion of their legal rights."

Phrase Bank for assertion

  • No one can specify exactly those factors that allowed her bold assertion to be received positively.

  • The court accepted the plaintiff’s assertion that the clerk improperly taxed $284 in costs for transcripts.

  • Certain statements in the letter could be shown to be factual assertions instead of subjective opinion.

  • Her vague assertions of possible prejudice fail to show that disqualification was justified.

  • The court did not question the prosecutor’s general assertions about her discomfort.

  • The court found conclusory prosecutors’ assertions that the probe was still open.

  • A ‘statement’ signed by four other judges, disputed Klein’s assertion that the court must first determine subject-matter jurisdiction.

  • Contrary to defendant’s assertions, the evidence produced at trial was sufficient to link the defendant to the crime.

  • Lawyer E. Reilly had objected to Wilent’s assertion of the facts.