adverse party


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Definitions of adverse party

  • a person or organization involved in a legal procedure whose interests are opposed to the interests of another person or organization involved in the same legal procedure

    I have recently read several news articles about lawyers using social media to investigate an adverse party.

Phrase Bank for adverse party

  • “It is my understanding that he was an adverse party in a case being handled by our firm,” Mr. Smalley said.

  • They want to proceed under a rule in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that allows a party to a civil proceeding to obtain relief from a final judgment if it was obtained by fraud, misrepresentation or other misconduct of an adverse party.

  • How adverse party may be examined; effect of refusal to testify (subsection (b) of Supreme Court Rule 2:607 and subsection (c) of Supreme Court Rule 2:611.

  • No legal impediment exists against a litigant calling any of the adverse parties to be his witness.

  • It can nevertheless be difficult for a party to prove abuse of process or similar improper conduct by the adverse party.

  • Schwartz went a step further and formed a risk insurance company to provide what’s called before-the-event adverse party cost insurance to protect clients that wanted to join cases in jurisdictions that required losers to pay all legal fees.

  • FOIA disclosure can also be a means for adverse parties in litigation to gain access to information not otherwise available from the discovery stage.