actuarial table


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Definitions of actuarial table

  • a chart organized to show the chances of death of humans in a particular age group

    The Internal Revenue Service has replaced temporary life and annuity actuarial table regulations with final regulations.

Phrase Bank for actuarial table

  • The actuarial table for managers, even great ones, suggests it might be time for Torre to move on if the Yanks do not advance.

  • “It’s just hard to put together an actuarial table that makes sense,” says Marc Ganis of Chicago-based Sports Corp. Limited.

  • Go to any actuarial table; a healthy, stress-free 81-year-old has a 12-year life expectancy, and I’ll take the over on that,” said Whitney Tilson, the managing partner at T2 Partners and a Berkshire shareholder.

  • In essence, the method consists simply of constructing an ordinary actuarial table. One begins by partitioning the predictor space into a small number of p-dimensional regions or cells.

  • The mortality experience of each risk class was compared to an age-stratified, actuarial table of the period.

  • 183 remains true even when the clinicians are given an actuarial table as a guide.

  • An actuarial method comprising assigning a statistic to a client based on the client’s level of health, deriving data from a standard actuarial table.

  • Most recent are a study done with Pennsylvania parolees (Carroll et al., 1982), and a Canadian study that not only found that an actuarial table based on objective data from the record files predicted parole outcome better than did the subjective parole prognoses of clinical staff .