actual delivery


  • Sale of Goods and Services

Definitions of actual delivery

  • the giving of immediate and definite possession of goods or products to the buyer or a party authorized to accept possession on behalf of the buyer

    Novak said in a statement, "the actual delivery volumes of oil will be determine according to market demand".

Phrase Bank for actual delivery

  • The Sixth Circuit has resolved that notice is given, and hence the ninety-day limitations term begins running, on the fifth day following the EEOC’s mailing of an RTS notification to the claimant’s record residential address, by virtue of a presumption of actual delivery and receipt.

  • Grain Land was in the business of obtaining grain under contracts for resale and relied on actual delivery of that grain to carry out its business.

  • (5) on their faces, the contracts were clearly grain marketing instruments, tools to accomplish the actual delivery of grain in exchange for money.

  • Moreover, Horton Farms was to receive payment only after it fulfilled all of the contract terms, which included actual delivery.

  • Horton Farms argues that the HTA contracts in question do not contemplate “actual delivery” because they permit “infinite rolling.”

  • Fortunately, E.M.S. soon showed up, and the E.M.S. guys performed the actual delivery.

  • The second route to universal coverage leaves the actual delivery of health care in private hands, but the government pays most of the bills.

  • In any event, payment shall be based upon the requested delivery date advised on the Order Release or actual delivery date, whichever is later. Supplier will be …

  • Invoices shall be based on actual delivery amounts, not contracted numbers.