• Constitutional Law
  • Intellectual Property Law

Definitions of abridge

  • to shorten a written work by rewriting it or removing unimportant details

    The author should be given the right to create enhancements or abridge the work if necessary.

  • to reduce or lessen a right or a privilege

    He argued that the state did not have the authority to abridge his free speech rights.

Phrase Bank for abridge

  • This Agreement is not intended to abridge or limit Seller’s existing rights to these interests in leases taken by non-parties to the AFPA.

  • No provisions of this Warrant and no right or option granted or conferred hereunder shall in any way limit, affect or abridge the exercise by the Company of any of its corporate rights or powers to recapitalize.

  • Modifications. AXXESS shall not edit, abridge, rewrite or in any other way alter the Content of the Service.