shelf company


Definitions of shelf company

  • a business entity that only exists on paper but has met all requirements for legal registration, and may be bought by anyone wishing to avoid the normal time it takes to register for business

    "Fantele was a shelf company, with no substantive assets."

Phrase Bank for shelf company

  • Need an aged shelf company today? We provide aged shelf corporations and LLC’s in over 25 states in around 60 minutes.

  • GWS assists you in taking over an offshore shelf company within a few hours for immediate set up of structures.

  • “Honey Cloud Enterprises was purchased in August 2015 as a shelf company, and the apparent utilisation of this entity as a vehicle through which Mokgoro was seconded with effect from November 2015 is regarded as an effort to circumvent the regulatory framework relating to secondments,” he said.

  • The jury was shown a consultancy agreement that detailed how Manafort was to be paid for his work – $1 million every quarter for two years – paid by Ukrainian shelf companies into his own Cypriot account.

  • Gates testified that Manafort used a “director company,” called Inter Jura Cy, a firm of Cypriot individuals who were tasked with executing payments from one shelf company to another. He said that these companies regularly backdated documents.

  • The purchase is likely to be the same as buying an off-the-shelf company with no staff or assets.

  • Palm fell pretty hard. And after multiple acquisitions, it basically disappeared from the public when HP sold the Palm trademark to a shelf company controlled by the TCL Corporation.

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