The term “Preisbindung der zweiten Hand” can be translated into 2 different English terms. Click on one that matches your context.

  1. 1. resale price maintenance
  2. 2. vertical restraint

Preisbindung der zweiten Hand



resale price maintenance



vertical restraint


Definitions of Preisbindung der zweiten Hand

  • another phrase for vertical price maintenance;

    a producer obliges his customers to resell the goods supplied by him only at the price set by him. Vertical fixed or minimum price fixing to the detriment of the buyer is prohibited under Section 1 of the German Act against Restraints of Competition (GWB) and Art. 101 I of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

Definitions of resale price maintenance

  • a system where the price of a good is fixed by the manufacturer, and the retailer may not sell the good for a lower price

    "The Consumers' Association says resale price maintenance must end as it keeps prices artificially high."

Phrase Bank for resale price maintenance

  • We investigate the incentives of two manufacturers with common retailers to use resale price maintenance (RPM).

  • In our last issue, we reported on a crackdown on resale price maintenance by the competition authorities in China and Taiwan.

  • The German Federal Cartel Office (FCO) has published a guidance paper (Guidance Paper) on the prohibition of resale price maintenance.

  • CMA has published its resale price maintenance decision in a recent light fittings case and has updated its open letter about restricting online resale prices.

  • In a clear resale price maintenance case, the court confirmed that not every hardcore restriction of competition necessarily infringes EU law.

  • So we take allegations of online resale price maintenance seriously because it can keep those prices high and limit choice for consumers.

Abbreviations of resale price maintenance

  • RPM

Comparative law notes and translator tips

  • Instead of “resale price maintenance”, one could also use “vertical price maintenance”.

Definitions of vertical restraint

  • a restraint of trade resulting from an agreement between business entities at different levels of production and/or distribution (eg between a retailer and a manufacturer)

    "Vertical restraints increase prices and restrict outputs."

Phrase Bank for vertical restraint

  • The policy prohibits one form of vertical restraint, namely resale price maintenance.

  • Every vertical restraint should be completely lawful.

  • A vertical restraint may take one of two forms.

  • Many of these are vertical restraint cases where large firms close out competition by entering exclusive agreements.

  • The assessment of a vertical restraint involves the following four steps:

  • Some firms employ a vertical restraint.

Additional Notes for vertical restraint

  • Compare to horizontal restraints which are agreements between competitors.

Comparative law notes and translator tips

  • Since this German concept of vertical restraint is on pricing, this phrase would be a bit too broad a translation.

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