The term “Jurist” can be translated into 2 different English terms. Click on one that matches your context.

  1. 1. jurist
  2. 2. lawyer









Definitions of Jurist

  • a term used to described someone who has successfully passed the first German state law (bar) exam, which tests the candidates’ theoretical knowledge of the law, but has not passed the second German state bar exam, which focuses on the practical aspects of the legal professional following the formal state-run internship program (see Rechtsreferendariat). Those who successfully complete the second German state bar exam are referred to as “Volljuristen”; i.e., fully qualified lawyers who are licensed to practice traditional law – more specifically, have the requisite credentials to serve as a German judge (Befähigung zum Richteramt)).

Definitions of jurist

  • an expert in law, especially a legal academic or legal writer

    "He would often quote the writings of famous jurists during his closing speeches."

  • a lawyer

    "She has more than 25 years experience as a judge and has earned a reputation as a competent, fair jurist."

Comparative law notes and translator tips

  • Wiki defined a jurist as “an expert of law or someone who researches jurisprudence. Such a person can be an academic (legal scholar), legal writer, law lecturer and law practitioner (lawyer), depending on legislation in the respective jurisdiction. Professionally, in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and in many other Commonwealth nations, the word jurist sometimes refers to a barrister and solicitor, whereas in the United States of America it often refers to a judge.”

    Given the range of meanings that are attributed to this English term and that depend on the translation’s target audience, translators should exercise caution when using it as a translation for the German terms “Jurist”. The English term does have the same umbrella quality as the German term inasmuch as it can apply to wide range of formally educated lawyers: legal researchers, law lecturers, practicing lawyers, etc.), but the term jurist has a bit of an academic and imprecise connotation, at least in the US.

    If the context warrants a more precise explanation of a German Jurist, a better translation would be “academically qualified but unlicensed jurist”.

Definitions of lawyer

  • a person qualified to practice law; a person who studies or teaches law as an academic subject

    "The president is represented by lawyers in court."

Phrase Bank for lawyer

  • Pakistan is accused of denying lawyers access to five US men suspected of plotting terror attacks.

  • On Thursday the jury will hear defence speeches from other lawyers in the case.

  • Former Bosnian Serb leader rejected his court-imposed lawyer at his Hague war crimes tribunal.

  • court-appointed lawyer

  • defense lawyer

  • lawyer-client relation

  • bankruptcy lawyer

  • personal injury lawyer

  • patent lawyer

  • tax lawyer


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Comparative law notes and translator tips

  • This is the better translation choice if translation audience is American.

    If the context warrants a more precise explanation of a German Jurist, a better translation would be “academically qualified but unlicensed lawyer”. Although lawyers in the US are by definition “licensed” once they pass the bar exam and are sworn-in in their respective jurisdictions, this lengthier neologism does convey the central feature of a German Jurist – he or she is academically qualified but not licensed to practice law.

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