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mark up

phrasal verb

Definitions of mark up

  • to write notes or corrections on a document

    "The solicitor should mark up the brief of documents and make a list of comments and questions for counsel."

  • to increase the price of something, often expressed as a percentage

    "The Montrose Partnership marked up the price of land on some sites by 6300%."

Phrase Bank for mark up

  • A House Energy and Commerce subcommittee will mark up legislation next Wednesday aimed at combating the opioid epidemic.

  • The subcommittee on readiness will mark up its draft section of the annual defense authorization bill.

  • The full committee will mark up several pending bills.

  • Under the new accounting rules, that meant Google had to mark up its stake in Uber, likely by a considerable amount, and report the unrealized gain as income.

  • But they often mark up rates so that they can make their profit.

  • “The discount eats into our costs, so when 60 per cent to 80 per cent of the crowd are using the app, we need to mark up the cost to cover the costs,” said a hawker who wanted to be known only as Mr Yeo.

Additional Notes for mark up

  • mark-up (noun) the amount by which the price of something is increased before it is re-sold; when negotiating the terms of an agreement, a version of the draft agreement produced by the lawyers acting for one of the parties showing changes (usually blacklined) to an earlier version produced by the other side: The buyer’s solicitors produced a mark-up of the draft contract.

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