The term “acordo” can be translated into 10 different English terms. Click on one that matches your context.

  1. 1. accommodation
  2. 2. accord
  3. 3. agreement
  4. 4. arrangement
  5. 5. bargain
  6. 6. compromise
  7. 7. covenant
  8. 8. deal
  9. 9. settlement
  10. 10. understanding

































Definitions of accommodation

  • a place where someone lives or where someone stays temporarily

    "The family lives in rented accommodation."

  • a settlement, compromise, or convenient arrangement

    "Both sides must show willingness to reach an accommodation."

Phrase Bank for accommodation

  • Hewlett-Packard is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities.

  • Living and Accommodation: A suitable furnished apartment will be provided Employee and his family for living and accommodation in Hong Kong during the currency of this agreement.

  • This Consulting Agreement shall be automatically terminated on the death of consultant or on the disability of Consultant if he is no longer able, with reasonable accommodation, to perform the essential functions of his position as Consultant to the Company.

  • In consideration of any financial accommodations given, to be given or continued , Debtor and Bank agree as follows: …

  • As a further accommodation to YPNT the employees of the Company agree to execute documents, SEC Filings, and or to be authorized signers on YPNT’s Bank or Financial Accounts as needed.

  • Readers who book residential accommodation will be entitled to £20 discount per person, per night.

  • The majority of hostels now offer family accommodation and all provide excellent, free, self-catering facilities.

  • However, accommodation is readily available on the route with an ample choice of bed and breakfasts, youth hostels and campsites.

  • The local authority provided her with temporary accommodation.

Definitions of accord

  • a formal agreement, especially between countries or political or military groups etc

    "The Oslo accords were signed in Washington in September 1993."

  • if you do something of your own accord then you do it without being asked or made to do it

    "In the event that Borrower terminates his employment with Lender of Borrower's own accord..."

Phrase Bank for accord

  • The two countries hope to reach a common accord by the end of the year.

  • The two sides signed a peace accord to end the two-year guerrilla war.

  • The government will assist those involved in the signing of the peace accord.

  • The US-Canada free trade accord came under severe political scrutiny in the year following its ratification.

  • Under the terms of the accord, the referendum was the first step in a process of transition.

Additional Notes for accord

  • It is important to use the correct preposition, depending on your intended meaning.

    … reached accord over or about (an issue)
    … accord between or with or among (parties)
    … the parties are in accord.

Common Mistakes for accord

  • Do not confuse (an) accord with according (to). An accord is a formal agreement, whereas according (to) means in agreement with what some person or entity says or writes. Consider the difference in meaning between the two terms as illustrated here: According to the accord, the two governments committed themselves to foster North-South cooperation and to seek to undermine the paramilitary threat.

Definitions of agreement

  • a negotiated and usually legally binding arrangement between two or more parties. The term can also be used to refer to a non-binding, informal agreement.

    "The agreement was signed yesterday."

  • where two or more parties have the same feelings or opinions about a particular subject

    "At the moment there is wide agreement that a lower dollar would be a good thing."

Phrase Bank for agreement

  • The Agreement entered into force on 2 December 1999.

  • The agreement should set out what monies are to be paid to the actor.

  • Clause 87 of the agreement specifies what the research obligations of the BBC are.

  • An agreement signed at your home would be cancellable.

  • The applicant has the full right, power and authority to enter into this agreement.

  • This constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.

  • The School may institute to protect its rights pursuant to this agreement.

  • in accordance with the terms of this agreement

  • TRNE does not, however, assert any specific facts regarding payments that were or were not made in breach of this agreement.

  • All provisions of this Section 7 shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

Additional Notes for agreement

  • Frequently Asked Question: What is the difference between a contract, agreement, deed, and a gift?

    The use of the term agreement ranges in meaning from a simple mutual understanding (not necessarily enforceable by law) to a binding obligation.

    A contract, used especially in law and business, is a binding agreement between two or more people or institutions that is enforceable by law.

    A deed is a legal document that is signed and sealed and delivered to effect a transfer of property and to show the legal right to own that property.

    A gift is a transfer of property from one person or institution to another with no charge or payment being made.

Common Mistakes for agreement

  • It is not strictly correct that between is used for two things and among for more than two.

    When exactly two entities are specified, between should always be used: “This contract is entered into between the Seller and the Purchaser.”

    However, when more than two entities are involved or when the number of entities is unspecified, the word choice depends on what you want to say. Between should be used where the relationship is distinctly one-to-one: “The agreement was entered into between the Seller, the Purchaser and the Guarantor.”

    Among should be used where the entities are considered as a group, mass or collectivity: “There is consensus among shareholders that this approach be adopted.”


The term agreement is often used as a synonym for contract. But it could also be used to refer to a non-binding agreement. In common law countries an example of this would be an agreement with no consideration, which generally means an agreement where one party doesn’t get anything of value in return beyond the personal satisfaction that that party might get from the agreement. This type of agreement is sometimes called a gentleman’s agreement, and the term gentleman’s agreement can also refer to an agreement that’s not written down and which has been made between people or entities that trust each other to do what they promised to do.

Definitions of arrangement

  • the action, process, or result of making a plan or an agreement etc

    "Contingency fee arrangements between lawyers and clients are not allowed in many jurisdictions."

  • (ARCHAIC) a settlement of a dispute or claim

    "My client and the defendant have since come to mutually acceptable arrangement."

Phrase Bank for arrangement

  • The parties entered into an arrangement.

  • They set up an alternative arrangement.

  • There was a formal arrangement between the parties.

  • The arbitrator came up with a temporary arrangement.

Additional Notes for arrangement

  • An arrangement is also one of the alternatives to bankruptcy. It is usually based on an agreement under which the creditors agree to settle for a certain fraction of debt owed.

Definitions of bargain

  • an agreement between two or more parties about what each party will do for the other

    "The agreement was essentially a bargain between the existing nuclear-armed powers and the non-nuclear countries."

  • a lower price than is usual or would be expected

    "People are flooding in to get the exceptional bargains on offer."

Phrase Bank for bargain

  • So he was right to drive a hard bargain.

  • Mr Ross had still got a bargain as the quoted price for a 1.3 E-reg Montego was about £3,900.

  • Well, I will make a bargain with you.

  • It would appear, then, that we have both struck a satisfactory bargain.

  • I can assure you we will keep our side of the bargain.

Definitions of compromise

  • an agreement made to solve a problem or end an argument in which the parties involved reduce their demands and accept that they cannot have everything they want

    "The administration and the Legislature have reached a compromise on two parts of a plan to reduce government debt."

  • a change that makes something worse or causes danger or suspicion

    "Is Google's new tool a compromise of privacy?"

Phrase Bank for compromise

  • The Senate fashioned a compromise bill.

  • They reached a compromise on taxes.

  • Leaders are optimistic about the possibility of a compromise.

  • The jury reached a compromise verdict.

  • This was the result of a compromise struc back in 2002.

  • to hammer out a compromise

  • The compromise is between the Justice Department and the Swiss bank.

  • A typical security compromise can be a 3rd party learning the administrator password.

Additional Notes for compromise

  • compromise (verb): Shettar said the government will not compromise on protecting the interests of farmers in the state.

Definitions of covenant

  • REAL PROPERTY a binding promise usually contained in the deed of a piece of real property

    "Campaigners are hoping a covenant could help stop a mobile phone mast being built next to homes in Bath."

  • a binding agreement between two or more parties or a clause in such an agreement

    "China has announced it will sign a United Nations covenant protecting political and civil liberties."

Phrase Bank for covenant

  • The landlord was bound by (=had an obligation under) the covenants in the lease.

  • The lease contained covenants given by both the tenant and the landlord.

  • What are the provisions of the covenant?

  • The assignment (=transfer) was in breach of covenant.

  • It is difficult to enforce (=cause to be fulfilled) these types of covenant.

  • The international human rights covenants provide a basis for determining when a state has violated human rights.

Additional Notes for covenant

  • The person who will benefit by the covenant is called the covenantee and the person making the promise is the covenantor.

Definitions of deal

  • an agreement or arrangement, especially a business transaction

    "Chrysler and Fiat have signed a deal that will leave Fiat owning 20% of a new Chrysler Group."

Phrase Bank for deal

  • The parties struck a deal.

  • There is a deal in place.

  • They signed a deal.

  • We just sealed the deal.

Definitions of settlement

  • an arrangement to end a legal dispute before a final adjudication (=decision by a court) of a matter

    "The parties were unable to reach an out-of-court settlement, so the case proceeded to trial."

  • the transfer of property from one owner to another

    "A settlement agent will protect your interests during the settlement process."

  • the act of arranging for a trustee to keep land for a beneficiary

    "In most jurisdictions, settlements only confer beneficial rights under a trust."

Phrase Bank for settlement

  • The parties attempted to reach a settlement.

  • Since the facts were clear and the amount in dispute was rather small, the case was amenable to settlement.

  • The court held a settlement conference with the parties.

Additional Notes for settlement

  • The phrase compromise and settlement can be used regarding any legal dispute in contrast to accord and satisfaction which only applies to contract disputes.

  • Settlement may be reached at any time, including during the appeal phase of the case.

Definitions of understanding

  • an agreement, especially when informal or unspoken

    "Mr Neil also wrote of Tony Blair and Mr Murdoch reaching "an understanding"."

  • knowledge; comprehension

    "They had little understanding of democracy."

Phrase Bank for understanding

  • Memorandum of Understanding – Hearst Communications Inc. and iVillage Inc.

  • This Letter of Understanding (hereafter “Letter”) confirms the terms and conditions concerning your International Assignment to the EMEA region on behalf of Novell, Inc. (“Novell”).

  • This Letter of Intent is being entered into to confirm our understanding of the principal terms and conditions of the transaction and our mutual willingness to proceed in mutual good faith to work toward the definitive Agreements consistent with these terms.

  • ENTIRE UNDERSTANDING. Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, this Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties hereto relating to the subject matter herein contained, and can be changed only by a writing signed by both parties hereto.

  • In lieu of any claimed entitlement or other understanding, whether verbal or written and whether arising by contract, statute, regulation or otherwise, it is agreed that …

  • The following proposal is to set forth a certain understanding between Cheung Laboratories, Inc. (hereafter …

  • If a union creates a better understanding, so much the better.

Additional Notes for understanding

  • memorandum of understanding (noun) an agreement between two or more parties stating a common will between them and indicating an intention to take some joint action: The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter referred to as “MoU”) is to establish a code of practice in the fight against the sale of counterfeit goods over the internet.

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