Legal English Audit

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LEA is divided into 4 tests: Reading; Listening, Writing and Speaking.

Each test has a time limit. You can see the time limits for each test below. You will also see the time as it expires at the bottom of each testing page. An expiry bar is also provided at the bottom of the page to tell you how much percentage of your time has expired. The timer will start as soon as you start the test.

NOTE: Once you start a test you cannot stop and restart. When the time expires the test is submitted automatically. Make sure you have enough uninterrupted time to finish each test before you start it!

Read the instructions before each part of each test carefully.

Answer all questions.

LEA carries a total of 100 marks. Unless otherwise stated, each question carries one mark.



Length: 25 minutes

  • A lecture on finance
  • A discussion concerning a copyright case
  • A lecture on merger negotiations


Length: 30 minutes

  • Purchase of Shares Upon Breach of Contract
  • Statements of Reasons for Dismissal
  • International Arbitration


Length: 20 minutes

  • Recording 1
  • Recording 2
  • Recording 3