Contract Law

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Who is the course for?
Lawyers and legal support staff who regularly work in the area of contract law. The course would also be suitable for students writing an extended essay, dissertation, or thesis on the topic of contract law.

What does the course teach?
The course covers the essential Legal English terminology of contract law, including contract formation, remedies, non-competition agreements and confidentiality, assignment and third party rights, parol evidence, guarantees, indemnities, warranties, conditions and other contract terms.

How long will the course take?
Approximately 12-15 hours.

Conditions and other Contract Terms Unit 8

Describing the satisfaction of certain contractual conditions (examples of vocabulary: conditions precedent/subsequent, material adverse change).

Parol Evidence and Implied Terms Unit 9

The applicability of extrinsic circumstances and implicit terms when interpreting contracts (examples of vocabulary: course of dealing, integration, merchantability).

Final Examination Unit 16

A final test of the knowledge gained through the course. Course participants with a score of 80% or higher on the test may request a certificate of successful completion from TransLegal.