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9 Programs in Canada offered by 2 Universities


There are numerous universities which offer an LLM in Canada. These universities tend to have extremely competent and diverse faculties.

As with other degrees, an LLM in Canada can be studied on a part-time basis at many institutions and, in some instances, by distance learning. A federation consisting of ten provinces and three territories, Canada is the world’s second largest country by total area. Each of the country’s provinces offer a unique experience to prospective students and professionals wishing to obtain an LLM in Canada. Canada’s common border with the United States is the longest in the world.

Unlike some U.S. state jurisdictions (such as New York and California, among others), an LLM in Canada normally does not qualify you to sit for the Canadian Bar exam. There are, however, differences in the rules and requirements for each Canadian province and you should therefore examine this more thoroughly if you plan on trying to find a job in Canada post-LLM.

When considering taking an LLM in Canada, many prospective students become frustrated with the small amount written about the Canadian universities which offer LLM programs. While there are numerous rankings for American law schools and universities, there are not as many for their Canadian counterparts. For this reason, TransLegal’s LLM guide is the best place to begin your quest for an LLM in Canada. Our guide allows you to sort and search by city and region, as well as by the type of course or program. This guarantees that you will find the LLM program in Canada which best suits you.

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