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Comparison Of Company Law Terms

NEEDS WORK - CHECK U.S.   U.K.   accounts payable                      debit accounts receivable                      credit agency  articles of incorporation, certificate of incorporation or charter  memorandum (of association) assets  authorized stocks  also: authorised/nominal capital balance sheet  bankruptcy  insolvent liquidation– inUK bankruptcy is…

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Company Law – Overview

This brief survey is intended to highlight some of the main features of company law, often called corporate law. In the UK, the “constitution” of a company consists of two documents. One, the memorandum of association, states the aims of…

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Company And Corporate Abbreviations

d/b/a US Doing Business As Used often by individuals who wish to have a business name, but don't want to incorporate. However, companies can use this too if they want to use another name. Inc US Means a company is…

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