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Frankfurt is located in the heart of Europe, and taking an LLM in Frankfurt puts you in the center of one of the world’s most important business and financial centers. As one of the major financial centers in Europe, Frankfurt plays a central role in European and global finance.

Unsurprisingly then, studying for an LLM in Frankfurt provides the ideal location to learn how to deal with the legal and financial challenges facing the European Union and beyond. As a result, students interested in international European and international corporate law, capital markets and securities law, European monetary policies and central banking should consider an LLM in Frankfurt.

An LLM in Frankfurt means that major banks, international law firms and public institutions, and leading financial regulatory institutions, are close by. What is more, many have played a significant role in the development and implementation of the LLM program at Frankfurt University.
Frankfurt University was founded in 1914 and has four campuses in Frankfurt am Main. The University focuses on law, history and economics with the goal of becoming Germany's leading university for finance and economics. It created the Institute for Law and Finance (ILF) in 2002, which offers an interdisciplinary curriculum with a wide variety of courses, focusing on economics and law.

For anyone interested in an LLM in Frankfurt, the ILF offers a unique postgraduate program leading to a Master of Laws in Finance (LLM Finance). The curriculum provides a theoretical understanding and practical insight into banks, corporations, law firms, and accounting firms. In addition, ILF affords those seeking an LLM in Frankfurt the opportunity to participate in an internship at one of ILF's sponsors from the financial, regulatory, central banking, international law and accounting areas.
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