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9 Programs in Amsterdam offered by 1 Universities

  • University of Amsterdam
    • European Private Law
    • Information Law (Research)
    • International and European Law : European Competition Law an...
    • International and European Law : European Union Law
    • International and European Law : International Trade and Inv...
    • International and European Law : Public International Law
    • LLM in European and International Labour Law
    • LLM in International Criminal Law
    • LLM Public international law (Research)


Taking an LLM in Amsterdam is interesting to many because it’s both a beautiful and historic city. Founded in the late 12th century, Amsterdam, often called “Venice of the North” due to its many canals, has been enchanting visitors for hundreds of years and today serves as a major hub for commerce, tourism and culture.

With more than 750,000 residents from more than 170 different countries, Amsterdam boasts an ethnic minority population of nearly 40%, making taking an LLM in Amsterdam a truly cosmopolitan experience. Indeed, Amsterdam claims to be the most multicultural city in the world and prides itself on a culture that affords the freedom to be who you are – and to say what you think.

An LLM in Amsterdam offers a moderate climate with mild winters, cool summers and a fair amount of rainfall. It also has a reputation for being a fairly liberal city in terms of the laws on controlled substances and prostitution.
Still, it is a center of commerce and serious academic pursuits and is the home of the Amsterdam Law School which is located in the heart of Amsterdam and is part of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). UvA is one of the major universities in Europe with more than 28,000 students.

The Amsterdam Law School directs all LLMs in Amsterdam and several of these programs are taught in English. There are four graduate LLMs in Amsterdam in Public International and/or European Law topics offered by the Amsterdam Law School.
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