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Striking A Measure

As the conference committee on the US Congress' financial regulatory overhaul bill prepares to meet later today, Congressional negotiators are considering striking a measure, i.e. removing it, from the bill that would have established an investor-led board empowered to select…

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Lifting The Liability Cap

The catastrophic oil leak caused by the explosion and subsequent sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico has lead many to call for changes to the way off-shore oil drilling is regulated, and for companies…

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Finally A National Cyber Office?

In what amounts to an “about time” move, the US House of Representative’s Oversight and Government Reform Government Management Subcommittee has reported a bill that mandates creation of a national office for cyberspace within the White House. The purpose of…

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Wall Street Reform Express

The Senate is attempting to quickly move forward with financial regulatory overhaul. Naturally, though in this election year politics is too often trumping policy. As this issue cuts deeply across both party's bases, the bill will ultimately be enacted though…

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Financial Reform

On Monday, Republicans, united in opposition to what some call the most sweeping overhaul of the United States financial regulatory system since the Great Depression, thwarted an effort to end debate on the matter voting 57 to 41 against cloture,…

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Specifically, confirmation refers to the Senate's constitutional duty to approve or reject presidential nominations of all types from judges to Cabinet Secretaries, like the Secretary of State. Many expect the confirmation of Justice Stevens’ replacement to be contentious, as indeed…

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Recess Appointment

President Obama is taking some heat over 15 recess appointments he made this weekend. What is a recess appointment? Before answering that, it is important to understand what a recess is. From a legislative perspective, a recess is a temporary…

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Unfunded Mandates

As President Barak Obama’s health care reform law, a signature piece of his agenda, passed Congress this weekend and will be signed into law tomorrow, there have been cries of unfunded mandates by many members of Congress and state governors…

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A Tea Party

The Tea Party movement is a fragmented movement of anti big government protesters named after the Boston Tea Party, a 1773 protest by citizens in Boston, Massachusetts against the British government, and an historic event that served as a precursor…

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What Is Government Relations?

People often ask what is government relations? The short answer is that it is an educational process mixed in with a liberal amount of advocacy. Simply put, it is an essential component of any business that is subject to government…

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