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Human Law

Human Law - A cutting-edge blog on law, technology, and people written by Justin Patten, a British Solicitor. The entries are brief and interesting treatments of various issues of the day.

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The Legal Reader

The Legal Reader - This is an extremely interesting and useful blog with links to a wide range of legal news in leading publications. While these are fairly advanced publications, they accessible to non-native English speakers.

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BlawgSearch - The ultimate search site for legal blogs, so-called blawgs. Here you can search for blawgs generally, by category, or by most popular. The site alos lists recent posts nad search terms. A simple, and easy to use interface…

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The Volokh Conspiracy

The Volokh Conspiracy - A hardcore blawg that treats all manner of legal issues, often in shorthand. For the uninitiated, this may present a challenging read, but the posts are often very interesting. For example, this recent post on whether…

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Nearly Legal

Nearly Legal - A fairly light-hearted view of all things legal written by a trainee solicitor in the UK. This sometimes irreverent blawg is full of jargon and slang though, so it may be difficult to read at times.

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The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog

The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog - The Journal aptly describes it as a blog “on law and business and the business of law.” This is the blog for those interested in law and business. Naturally, as it is from…

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Inside Opinions: Legal Blog Watch

Inside Opinions: Legal Blog Watch - A comprehensive resource for the world of legal blogs. The site contains summaries of the best legal blog posts, as well as links to the blogs themselves.

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The Legal Thing … Notes From A General Counsel

the legal thing ... notes from a General Counsel - Fueled by the question: "What is it like being the General Counsel of a Fortune 500 company like Sun Microsystems?", Mike Dillon, the top legal officer at Sun Microsystems shares…

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Research And Writing Law Blog

Research and Writing Law Blog - A practical blog written by a lawyer for lawyers offering easy to implement tips on writing and research. Recent posts include: the treatment of URLs in sentences, the use of the serial comma, and…

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Chinal Law Blog

Chinal Law Blog - This blog focuses on business law in China. It is written by two lawyers, one in China and one in the US, who provide insights into and analysis of the current legal issues impacting the business…

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