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Lucy Kambuni (LLM), A Lawyer From Kenya, Joins The ICC Panel

After a 33-year long career in law, Dr. Lucy Kambuni, a 57-year old mother of three, has crowned her accomplishments in the field by being appointed a member of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) permanent advisory committee. Having been elected…

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Exploring The LLM Educational Program At Durham University

As part of its five-year single-cycle LUISS Master of Laws program, the Durham University from the United Kingdom offers an exciting new LLM course on the international law. All students who are currently completing the fourth year of the program…

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Tanzanian-German Centre For East African Legal Studies Open For Applications 2019/2020

Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies (TGCL) will be accepting applications for an LLM program at the University of Dar es Salaam up until January 15th the following year. All interested candidates have been invited to visit TGCL’s website…

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Hamid-Ahmed (LLM) Appealed After The Board Rejected His Bar Exam Application

Vermont’s bar admission rules require future lawyers to meet either one of the following three demands: 1) to hold a graduate degree from an approved law school, 2) to complete a law office study program, or 3) to be a…

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Mona Goyal (LLM) Is Set To Get The National Disability Award

December 3 marks another World Disability Day, when we honor the courageous people who’ve exceeded their own physical boundaries to become accomplished professionals in their respective fields. Such is Mona Goyal, a Jalandhar-based assistant professor with an LLM degree and…

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An Interview With A CEO Mellissa Larkin (LLM) – Key Takeaways

We’ve decided to bring you the key takeaways from an interview with CEO Mellissa Larkin because there are few people trying to change the way Law firms do business out there. Mellissa Larkin is one of the few exceptions. She…

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Glasgow Law Student Poppy Mulligan Reflects On The American LLM Experience

After having earned an LLB from Glasgow University (2013-2017), Poppy Mulligan decided to take her career into her own hands and try her luck with the American judicial system. Mulligan then enrolled at the Cornell University for the academic year…

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The University Of Birmingham Dubai: A New LLM In International Law And Globalization For 2019

The University of Bermingham Dubai has announced a plan to launch a brand new LLM program in 2019, with a focus on International Law and Globalization. This will be the first Master of Laws program at the University of Birmingham…

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LLM Programs: A Logical Step For T-Shaped Law Graduates

A little less than a decade ago, having a single degree in a chosen discipline used to suffice. But as we’ve continued to change as a society, so has the employment landscape. Regardless of a vocation, continual education that nurtures…

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Long Island Touro Law School Partners With SCNU

Two law schools with high-quality talent pools, one from the United States and the other from China,  have come together to make their long-lasting academic collaboration official and thus open even better opportunities for their undergraduate and postgraduate students in…

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