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City International Week Celebration 2019 With Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility

The City Law School of London is celebrating their City International Week between February 18th and 22nd February. As many as six experienced lecturers shared their experience with the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility program. The program has a long history of…

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Ronald Perera (LLM) Assigned BOC Chairman By Finance And Mass Media Minister

After having been removed from the Bank of Ceylon (BOC) in October 2018, Ronal C. Perera didn’t have to wait for too long to get reappointed to his old position. As of February 2019, he is again the bank’s chairman.…

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Fribourg Proposes An LLM In Commodity Trading Law

The city of Fribourg in Switzerland is special for at least two reasons – it’s one of the world’s leading trading hubs and it boasts a vibrant student life. Taken together, these two unique qualities make it a perfect place…

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Four New Promotions At Kaden Boriss

After four years of hiatus following the tragic death of senior partner Ali Naqvi, Gurgaon-based law firm Kaden Boriss Legal restarted litigation in 2017. With managing partner Hemant Batra at the helm, the firm also opened a small separate office…

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New Litigation Management LLM At Baylor Law

Imagine if a Fortune 500 company called you with an intention to sue another Fortune 500 company and a plan to entrust you with a case that will win (or lose) millions of dollars. What would you do then, asks…

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Fashion LLM: What Is It And Where Can You Get It?

With fashion being a $400 billion industry with same business structures and legal issues as other creative sectors, it was only a matter of time when aspiring LLM students will start taking interest in fashion-related intellectual property, finance, and similar…

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Dr. Inuwa Ibrahim Waya (LLM) (PGD) Receives FIN Petroleum Industry Award

As part of the activities lined up for the 2019 Nigerian Petroleum Summit (NIPS), Nigerian Ministry of Petroleum Resources and Foreign Investment Network (FIN) organized the Petroleum Industry Award Gala dinner, where Dr. Inuwa Ibrahim Waya was one of the…

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Nirma University Releases Application Forms For Various Law Courses

Nirma University Law Admission 2019 has officially started. Aspiring BA LLB, B.com LLB, and LLM students will have until May 24, 2019, to apply for their desired programs and complete the admission process that includes the following steps: Registering on…

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Meet Human Rights LLM Holder Anietie Ewang

Ever since she graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, Anietie Ewang has been committed to putting her legal expertise to good use. Although very young, Anietie already boasts an impressive portfolio of human rights initiatives and pro-bono…

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Pakistan Appoints Her First Female Judge Suman Pawan Bodan

Suman Pawan Bodani made history as Pakistan’s first female judge. Following many years of hard work and commitment to academia, Sumani found herself in a position where she can finally make everyone proud - her father most of all, as…

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