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Language is at the core of everything we do. In our digital world, English defines success.

We believe that you have to be able to practice law in English as well as you do in your own language.

Tools should free up your time to let you concentrate on what you do best. 

We have gathered together industry-leading experts including lawyer-linguists, language teachers, practicing lawyers and university professors, to produce the right tools and to make them easy to use. 

We offer the most comprehensive range of legal English testing and courses and we publish the World Law Dictionary.

- Michael Lindner, founder & CEO

The World Law Dictionary

English may be the common language of the world, but the Common Law is not the common law of the world.

That’s why, in a unique project, TransLegal has teamed up with leading law schools from around the world to create an online multilingual law dictionary linking the world’s legal languages to a single English law dictionary.

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Course materials

TransLegal’s digital coursebooks are blended learning courses training reading, writing, listening and speaking skills using authentic legal documents and resources.

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TransLegal offers a range of online courses concentrating on the vocabulary and skills needed to work in different areas of the law.

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Reliable, affordable and quick:

Legal English diagnostic testing for you, your job applicants and your staff. 

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Law is language: the translation of complex legal documents from one language to another requires not only excellent language skills but a thorough understanding of two different legal systems. Translations to or from English, in particular, often require a comparative law analysis of civil law terms as compared with common law terms.

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