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PLEAD is a high-quality, 15-unit, ‘blended learning’ Legal English course for lawyers and law students, combining online training with the world’s leading Legal English coursebook. The course provides a basic vocabulary in 10 areas of general commercial law.

PLEAD is the result of a unique cooperation between Cambridge University Press, the Boston University School of Law, the Boston University Center for English Language and Orientation Programs and TransLegal.

PLEAD is used by universities, language schools, bar associations and law firms around the world. Each PLEAD package consists of an International Legal English coursebook and a one-year single-user license for the PLEAD online course.


You get an online course + the world’s bestselling Legal English coursebook

PLEAD has an online element and a coursebook element. The online course expands upon the vocabulary taught in the coursebook, presenting key Legal English terminology in short reading and listening passages. The key vocabulary in each passage is linked to a glossary with a definition of each term and a recording of the word used in a sentence, allowing you to hear the correct pronunciation of the term and to see how it is commonly used in another context. The exercises which follow each reading or listening passage include multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, true-false and matching exercises that are designed to help you learn the vocabulary through context, testing and reinforcement. All of your results are stored in a database which you can access at any time to monitor your progress. The coursebook uses legal texts to present and practice legal language developing the four key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Course duration

The basic version of the course provides 30 hours of online self-study. The course book, International Legal English, provides a further 90-110 hours of self-study material. An additional 30 hours of Internet research tasks and vocabulary quizzes related to the course book is also available at no extra charge. To find out the duration of live courses, please contact your local PLEAD language school directly.


Course contents

Company Law I, II & III
The vocabulary involved in the formation, management, capitalisation and fundamental changes of companies (examples: corporate veil, articles of association, fiduciary duty, pre-emption rights, liquidation)

Contract Law I, II & III
Key terminology of contracts covering formation, remedies, assignment and third-party rights (examples: consideration, counter-offer, liquidated damages, privity, vested)

Employment Law
Teaches the language of the law of employer-employee relationships (examples: dismissal, redundancy, collective bargaining, discrimination)

Sale of Goods
Dealing with the vocabulary of sales of goods (examples: warranties, merchantability, disclaimer, title)

Real Property
Key terminology of transactions involving land (examples: tenancy, statute of frauds, easement, mortgage)

Intellectual Property
The essential vocabulary used to describe copyrights, patents and trademarks (examples: fair use, injunction, passing off, holder)

Negotiable Instruments
The language involved in discussing intangible rights of payment (examples:promissory note, bearer paper, holder in due course, debenture)

Secured Transactions
Terminology related to security interests (examples: fixed vs. floating charge, pledge, attachment)

Debtor-Creditor Law
The language used in discussing debt and remedies available to creditors (examples: perfection, priority, lien)

Competition Law
Essential vocabulary for matters relating to competition law rules (examples: abuse of a dominant position, tie-in, barrier to entry)

Final Examination
Comprehensive test of the vocabulary taught


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