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verbatim adjective

using exactly the same words that were used originally
All quotations must be verbatim.

Hello everyone, my name is Greg. Thank you for joining me at today's TransLegal's lesson of the week.

Once again, even though we are a company that specialises in legal English, we do see a legal Latin term on the whiteboard this week, and that is verbatim.
As you've seen from some of our past lessons, legal Latin really does have an important and special place in legal English in the sense that it's still used in lots of court and legal documents, so it's really worthwhile for you to get all of these terms down and know exactly what they do mean.

The term today is verbatim and verbatim, as you see here, means word by word or exactly. And what it really means is that when you're quoting something or reproducing someone else's quote, it means that the text itself is being reproduced and replicated exactly. There have been no changes made to the text at all. What you are reading is exactly what was said or was previously written. This is very important in the legal sense in a number of different areas when you're writing a brief or any sort of legal document and you're citing quotations from previous cases or from previous legal literature. It's really up to you as an attorney to make sure that the quote you are citing is verbatim, meaning it is exactly what the prior case or prior Judge or the prior source exactly said or stated.

This also comes into play at trial or pre-trial stages with respect to depositions or just the court transcript in general. A lot of times you will see these court reporters at trial transcribing everything that's happening and transcribing literally every single thing that the witnesses are saying verbatim. Now it's very important that these court transcripts and these deposition transcripts are verbatim so that we can get an accurate sense and an exact sense of what it is the witnesses are saying at trial and the lawyers themselves. So that's a very important skill to be able to exactly reproduce what is being said in a very short amount of time which is why some of these court reporters get paid a little too much in my estimation. I apologise if any of you are court reporters. I am on your side because you are the ones that make sure that all of this is reproduced verbatim.

So thanks again for tuning in. My name's Greg and if you have any thoughts or comments you are welcome to leave them in the space below and again, there should be a transcript below me at this point which should be verbatim, otherwise we'll have to fire the people who are in charge of those transcripts so hopefully they got everything right.

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