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The judgment of a court is the decision of the court on the particular matter or case.

The opinion of the court is the statement of the court setting out their reasoning and the principles of law applied to the particular case.

For example:
The judgment of the court was based on a long and well-reasoned opinion.

Jonathan Bryce

Jonathan Bryce, LL.B
Born: London, England. Bachelor’s degree in Law with French, Sussex University, England, 1996; Diplôme D’Etudes Européennes, Toulouse, France, 1995. Trainee Solicitor and Solicitor at the London and Brussels offices of Allen & Overy, an international commercial law firm, 1999-2005, including secondments at the Stockholm offices of Swedish commercial law firms Gernandt & Danielsson and Vinge.

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  1. What are the legal definitions of judgment & opinion in relation to state of mind, motives & actions of individual persons, rather than the court? I.E., if someone is accused of harassment or discrimination based on prejudice, where does the law draw the line between having an opinion and being judgmental/passing judgment?

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