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Unit 01: The Practice Of Law

Lawyers frequently encounter terms from languages they do not speak. Being able to find out what a foreign language term means may help in identifying a legal problem, advising a client or planning a legal strategy. Learning Synopsis This exercise…

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Unit 02: Company Formation And Management

The ability to use search engines effectively is an essential skill in carrying out online legal research. Learning Synopsis This exercise examines the use of the advanced features in Google. Exercise An attorney in your working group has just been…

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Unit 03: Capitalisation

Lawyers rely a great deal on accuracy of language and often require a precise, well-structured description of a legal term or concept in their communications, pleadings, negotiating positions, etc. The Internet can be helpful when seeking accurate definitions. Search engines…

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Unit 04: Fundamental Changes In A Company

A lawyer’s work often involves factual research regarding clients, opposing parties and circumstances. For example, factual research concerning an industry may be necessary for contractual “gap filling” - interpreting an ambiguous term in a contract. Understanding the facts underlying an…

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Unit 05: Contract Formation

The widespread use of word processing technology has allowed law firms to organise precedents carefully for quick retrieval. In addition, the Internet has made it possible to benefit from the collective research of countless other lawyers who have made their…

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Unit 06: Remedies

It is often necessary to understand foreign language terms and legal concepts when advising clients in cross-border dealings. This requires special strategies for thorough and in-depth research. Learning Synopsis This exercise uses clustering search engines to find out about foreign…

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Unit 07: Assignment And Third-party Rights

The practice of law across borders frequently requires the application of supranational law. A client matter may require the examination of international treaties, an understanding of the rules and regulations of international organisations, or the analysis of provisions applied by…

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Unit 08: Employment Law

Lawyers frequently represent and market their firms and expertise in venues outside the office or courtroom, such as law conventions, university lecture halls and hearings before governmental authorities. When requested to present or report on developments in law, it is…

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Unit 09: Sale Of Goods

Traditional search engines often require a lawyer to filter through large quantities of irrelevant data. Visual search engines can help the researcher by clustering hits around various topics related to the search query. Learning Synopsis This exercise introduces visual search…

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Unit 10: Real Property Law

Search engines are very effective tools for conducting online research. However, due to language ambiguities and the manner in which search engines seek out information on the Internet, significant information may be missed. Some areas of online knowledge have been…

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