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To ensure that something will be done means to make it certain to happen.

“When amending the contract, the lawyer ensured that her client received a better deal.”

To insure someone or something means to protect the person or object against risk by regularly paying an insurance company a sum of money. In the event the person is injured or killed or the object is damaged or lost, the insurance company will then pay out a sum of money to cover the injury or loss.

“The company was insured against accidents in the workplace.”

Greg Poehler

Gregory M. Poehler, B.A., J.D.
Born: Boston, MA (USA). Admitted to the New York and Massachusetts Bars and the United States Federal Courts for the Southern District of New York and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Practiced in two large law firms in New York City with a specialization in intellectual property law, including trademark, copyright and patent litigation and domain name dispute resolution. Masters in European Intellectual Property Law, Stockholm University (2006).

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